OPTI Physical Therapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy Institute, Inc., or OPTI, is a physical therapist-owned outpatient clinic that focuses on evidence based treatment to restore and maximize function. Our mission is to provide treatments in a personal and professional environment focused on improving our patients’ optimal function. We are committed to quality care that will be a collaborative effort with everyone participating in the treatment of the patient. We also strive to educate every patient we treat because we truly believe knowledge will empower each person to improve their function get them to achieve their goals.

Our core values focus on the excellence from our therapists and staff, patient satisfaction, and a team approach to healing. We want to create a treatment system that has patients raving about the results and care they received. We will go the extra mile to achieve patient satisfaction.Our treatment approach is that of total healing. We will not only treat the sore knee or back, we will treat the whole patient. We look for the underlying cause of the injury and focus on education with the patient so they are empowered to take control of their injury to prevent possible recurrences. We also use this as part of our team approach of treatment that has ongoing communication with the patient, doctor, coach and or parent to help maximize results.

At OPTI, each patient will receive a personalized, comprehensive evaluation with a physical therapist. Each session will include hands-on mobilization to the affected area using specialized manual therapy treatment techniques. Exercise programs will be individualized and tailored to each patient to increase mobility, improve strength and optimize function. Treatment techniques and exercises will be based on the most current research and best practice. Patient education will also be a major factor in our treatment strategy. We want to help our patients understand the how and why of their dysfunction and treatment. Our treatments are based on constant reassessment of the patient to make sure they are getting the highest standard of care and they are satisfied each day they leave our clinic. This means constant communication between the patient, therapist, treating physician and anyone else part of the treatment team.

Starting in 2014, patients now have the availability of Direct Access in California, which gives patients the opportunity to be evaluated and treated by a physical therapist before requiring a physician visit. In most cases, patients can be seen for 12 visits or up to 45 days before they need a referral back to their physician.

We accept most major PPO insurances and Medicare and also have a cash for services plan.

We are an all ages clinic that treats the following conditions but is not limited to:

  • Orthopedic injuries
  • Sport specific rehabilitation and injury prevention
  • Pre and post surgical rehabilitation
  • Back and neck injuries and pain
  • Work injuries
  • Balance and fall prevention
  • Wellness and gym program